About Us


Our vision

Avicast Digital Signage is here to help companies/ institutions effectively communicate and evolve relationships with their customers and employees. The ultimate goal is to increase profits by increasing overall satisfaction with effective communication.

Our Mission

The goal at Avicast is to provide innovative business marketing solutions that positively impact each customer, employee and the company / institution. Each professional at Avicast operates on the principles of courtesy, honesty and consistency, with the customer always a top priority.

Core Values

  1. Partnership – we aspire to develop long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.
  2. Creativity – all our employees are encouraged to use their creativity to achieve and surpass our clients desired results.
  3. Outreach – we just don’t wait for our clients to come to us, we reach out to organizations that really need digital signage and more of our services, we mean to improve operations for our clients at all costs.
  4. Courtesy
  5. Consistency

 Corporate Culture

Avicast encourages our staff to own our mission and vision; above that we encourage them to take risks and employ creativity and innovation in their work leading to personal growth and growth for the client too

 Who we  Are

Avicast Limited ( Kenya)  is a digital signage company focused on development of digital imaging and interactive technologies. We are highly dedicated in our field and we want our customers to achieve extra-ordinary results from modern communication platforms.

We are established in helping clients explore opportunities in digital media. We are constantly pushing boundaries and seeking new ways to touch consumers by connecting them through motion & broadcast graphics, 2D and 3D animation as a branding medium, branded content and digital signage.

Our digital signage systems turn the traditional ways of communication into attractive digital solutions to achieve extraordinary visual results. Our systems help or clients build powerful brand engagements and enhance their customer experiences.

We want your message to be heard out loud and clear! We aim at creating engaging conversations for you and your audience to get their full attention and achieve results for you adding to personal growth and growth for the client too.

We are a Digital Signage company in Kenya and we are changing the digital landscape.