Banks & Saccos

The banking  environment in Kenya gets more competitive as days go by. Customers are spoiled for choice on the numerous banking products offered by different financial institutions. Communication of these products & services effectively, efficiently and in an entertaining manner could mean whether a financial institution keeps and attracts clients or loses them to another.

Retail banking environments are at the biggest advantage when using digital signage, the banking halls serve as points of advertising / communication. Clients spend an average of 30 minutes at the bank when they visit, this is the best opportunity to communicate to them, sell to them and engage them deeply on the banks products and services.

Advantage of using Digital Signage

  1. Increases customer acquisition and retention by raising product awareness
  2. Visually connects with your customers through eye-catching, dynamic messaging
  3. Delivers targeted messages to multiple branches to improve time-to-market for promotional campaigns
  4. Facilitates cross- and up-selling of products
  5. Reduces perceived wait time and promotes your brand, products and services
  6. Enables real-time updating of announcements, rate changes and messages
  7. Ensures message consistency through central monitoring



Main highlights of our system for our financial clients

Content can be scheduled from the headquarters and sent over to the branches at any time of day. The players can also be managed from the head quarters via the WAN

Avicast’s creative team creates entertainment content delivered daily to screens , to keep them fresh and entertaining. Business related content is also refreshed and re-created so as to have variations of designs on the same content

We are saving you all the hustle of managing your own system, we can manage everything for you and let you work on your main business. Please read more by here

Our software can create the best screen layouts and plays all type of content

In case of new branches, the system is highly scalable and new players are just added in the new branches

Digtal signage can be an expensive venture, Banks already employing digital signage are reaping the benefits today and in the long term .