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The use of game marketing  to affect consumer behavior is almost without limits, our innovations help businesses engage, attract, interact-with, increase lead generation and so much more. Gamification is the use of game marketing design techniques to engage audiences. Games are everywhere because they work for businesses of every size. Our Interactive games are very versatile and capable of 1000′s of interactive promotions. Please browse our website, play the demonstration games, see the features and options then call us for pricing your instant win promotion.

You set the prizes, you set the odds!  Unlimited access to the self-administered Administrative Center. Finally a unique interactive promotion for brands of all sizes! Our technology platform, features and options constantly evolves. We encourage you to call and talk with us about your promotion.  Every promotion is unique and with so many possibilities we will need to learn more about how you would like to use our marketing game platform in order to quote your pricing. We want your promotion to be perfectly executed.

Primary Benefits:

  1. Powerful for Websites,, Mobile, Facebook or Trade Show Events
  2. Capture names and email addresses of players for lead generation
  3. Fun interactive contest element to add to any promotion or event
  4. Drive traffic into your website with the incentive of winning a prize
  5. Increase Brand awareness
  6. May be used for an e-Commerce store using coupon codes
  7. Boost foot traffic into your physical location
  8. Can be used to fill in slow business days (Example: Prizes can be redeemed Monday thru Thursday)
  9. Positive public relations
  10. Promote new product and or services
  11. Affordable for any business


Below Photo: Over 2000 players in two days. Recent Trade Show. 

Clients queue in line to play the spin the wheel game

Clients queue in line to play the spin the wheel game

If you attend a business expo, watch which table has the most people standing in front of it – it’s usually the one with a spinning wheel for a chance to win a plastic mug, even though the guy right next to it is giving similar items away just by asking for one! People love the thrill of winning and something fun to do…it’s a psychological fact.

We recommend that you have a large screen monitor above head level. We also suggest you have multiple computers should your line get too long.

Recent Facebook posting during a tradeshow  “we don’t have enough monitors at the show to handle all the traffic we will have prizes left. We are currently considering extending the wheel online beyond the show” …is Found here

Here are a few more samples