Corporate Communications

Are you able to break through the clutter and deliver important information to your employees?


How to get your employees to read your vital, corporate messages?

Digitals ignage can

What can employee digital signage do?

First of all, do not only rely on employees taking action to read your internal news.

E-mail inboxes are flooded. And only a small percentage of staff remembers to check the corporate website and intranet regularly. The only way to ensure that staff read your vital corporate information is to GRAB their attention!

Digital signage has opened up a new platform that is incredibly successful in getting employees to take note of company information. Digital signage solutions are quickly starting to replace written memos, bulletin boards and internal emails in office spaces globally.

Digital signage solutions present businesses with the opportunity to make a real connection with their employees, being more direct, dynamic and providing more openness than traditional internal communication.

It also has the advantages of being constant and current. By communicating updates and relevant info to employees on company activity it makes staff feel like they are part of the company and gives them more ownership over their role with the organization. This, in turn, assists employees to make better decisions for the benefit of the organization as well as improving staff morale and productivity.

The use of digital information displays should be directed towards reaching specific strategic goals, such as boosting employee morale and loyalty, reinforcing your corporate values and/or creating an open, transparent corporate environment.

These objectives can be translated into tactics such as…

  1. Communicating relevant information to each department using screens in the right location
  2. Incident management; digital signage can be a quick way of cascading important information around the organization.
  3. Lobbying for favorable stances for the organization;
  4. Reputation management and branding. Organizational image creation and maintenance.

Content for the signage can be:

 Employee- related content. Inform all employees about subjects of interest to them and help them know each other by communicating:

  1. New hires, promotions and other staff moves;
  2. Staff special offers- gym membership discounts, restaurant offers;
  3. Short interviews- ‘’a day in the life of…’’
  4. Employee achievements.
  5. Announce Team building events
  6. Employee benefit schemes
  7. Car park policies
  8. Internal vacancies opportunities
  9. Encourage a corruption free environment
  10. Announce employee events such as wedding, funerals, donation drives…etc.

Business- related content This information is meant to educate staff about important company- related matters:

  1. Updates on current initiatives within the county
  2. Housekeeping” updates such as; use of meeting rooms, car parks etc.
  3. Latest survey results
  4. Updates and news. E.g. what’s new on the intranet, performance updates, IT and systems updates etc.
  5. Business targets and actual levels.
  6. Reinstate the county values, mission and vision

 Fun/ non- business content This content is intended to lighten up the atmosphere and help employees relax during their breaks. To be displayed on screens in cafeterias, break rooms, lounges.

  1. Competitions and winners
  2. Fun events such as denim or loud shirt day etc.
  3. Health tips
  4. Promotion and reviews of staff social events

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