Digital Signage


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Adcock IngramAvicast Limited is a Digital signage company in kenya.

So what is digital signage?

Digital signage is the method of displaying multimedia content on a display unit such as a LCD screen, a plasma display panel, a monitor, a video wall composed of a number of screens to deliver informative and entertaining content to employees, visitors, captive audiences and passers by.

A simpler explanation is “Digital signage is a network of managed digital displays designed to drive awareness and engagement within pre-determined objectives” or “It’s a network of digital screens that display marketing videos, photos and promotional graphics or informational material in your business”.As opposed to still images, multimedia content is the new standard of digital communication. The information presented to your viewers will not only be exciting but also captivating.

Digital signage’s are mainly placed in areas of high traffic within an organization, e.g in company lobbies, banking halls, hotel reception areas, school notice boards,supermarket aisles.

We provide an enterprise solution for unified visual communications across the organization – a single software application that publishes messages, media and alerts to displays throughout your facility, across campus or to multiple locations in different cities.

We have a passion for creating intelligent digital signage solutions that move products, Consumers, and Employees.

Digital Signage is a combination of three elements

(a) Hardware ( computer, display Lcd or LED Tv, projectors)      (b) Software ( digital signage software)(player, scheduler, network manager)   (c) Digital Content ( advertisements & information displayed on the screens)

 What does our product do

Our product sections a normal Tv screen so that it can show as much relevant information as possible on the same screen. The goal is to achieve a layout that attracts the viewer to the nicely designed screen and also to the well articulated content on the screen. With digital signage so much is possible, one can even integrate with live TV as shown in this sample. You can add a company logo, company information and news, a clock, entertaining news from the internet and so much. Digital signage gives you a limitless platform to express yourself


Our Product has three main modules

This receives all content from the server and plays the content at branch level. All information is stored in the harddisk and thus does not use institution bandwidth

All advertisements, videos, photos, music, power point, rss feeds and other information is arranged in screen zones inside the scheduler and planned so as to play at the desired time and intervals.

This module manages all the players within a multi branch or multi screen environment. Content made and scheduled in the content scheduler is sent over the institutions WAN ( wide area network) or internet and delivered to the branches screens. It also manages the Players (digital signage players at the branches) and reports on whether they are working or are off, it can be used to reset the players or request logs of played files.