Governement & Counties

Government communications need to reach broad and diverse audiences, and visitors to their offices and service centers respond to a variety of media.

Avicast Digital signage

Digital signage delivers important messages–immediately, effectively and affordably–to  government & county offices, military facilities, emergency services, or community-based government. Because it’s web based, you can share the most up-to-date news and announcements, and supplement training.

Security updates, news feeds, bulletins and ticker information can be delivered via user-friendly interface that allows for easy creation, scheduling and delivery of communications.

Update content instantly or manage content with advanced scheduling.

  1. Deliver important news and announcements as they happen
  2. Share emergency messages such as extreme weather or Homeland Security data
  3. Show event schedules with on-time updates
  4. Target audiences with relevant programs
  5. Manage emergency call center traffic with on-time data
  6. Show live traffic, stock and sports information
  7. Supplement training and education programs
  8. Share disaster information, crime alerts and new regulations
  9. Use queue management to decrease perceived wait times
  10. Steer visitors to the right place with way-finding capabilities
  11. Improve services for the hearing-impaired and for visitors who speak a foreign language

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