Meeting Room Minder

Digital signage for meeting rooms

Power over Ethernet Room SignsMeetingMinder™ interactive meeting room signs display your room reservations from Microsoft Outlook or EMS from Dean Evans & Associates, while allowing you to create a walk-up reservation with only a few touches to the screen. Our powerful content management software lets you create, import, schedule and publish a wide range of digital media and mass alerts to your meeting room signs, in addition to event schedules.




Consider the possibilities:

  1. Show conference and event schedules for one or more meeting room
  2. Display greetings, announcements and wayfinding information
  3. Keep everyone informed with news, weather and RSS feeds
  4. Present live, streaming content from your network
  5. Use Adobe Flash to create interactive content
  6. Playback videos and other animated content
  7. Deliver critical alert notifications

The interactive MeetingMinder™ can be surface mounted or recessed in walls. Wall-mount brackets are included, and a number of decorative and mounting accessories are available in a range of color choices.

Our Power over Ethernet (PoE) room sign allows you to run one Ethernet cable to the meeting room sign to supply both power and data, so you don’t have to worry about concealing power bricks.

smart features

Capable of displaying your digital signage content, organizational communications, alert notifications, interactive wayfinding content, dynamic room schedules and more—no other meeting room sign is as versatile while offering full integration for EMS and Outlook.

Here’s how our interactive MeetingMinder™ compares to the Room Wizard™ by PolyVision:

mCompare Visix MeetingMinder room signs with PolyVision Room Wizard

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