Thin, Lightweight, Brilliant LED Display Solutions

NanoLumens has a family of fixed LED display digital signage solutions that are made for you. How do we know that they’re made to be your solution? They  design them that way, solving the pain points usually associated with indoor digital signage.

Here are just a few of the solutions our displays offer:

NanoSlim DC Installation Space Efficiency

The last thing you want to do is take up your space with a bulky, ineffective display. NanoLumens displays are lightweight and feature slim profiles. Where other technologies require extra space for the projection of an image onto the screen, additional hardware, or cooling systems, NanoLumens offers sleek efficiency with your space in mind.

Environmentally Sound

In the world of technology, sometimes Mother Nature takes a backseat; we don’t understand why she can’t be a leading lady.  Our LED displays are almost 100% recyclable and are created from 50% reclaimed material while using the same amount of power you use to run your vacuum cleaner at home.

Exceptional Picture Quality

Where other “solutions” fail, NanoLumens continues to deliver exceptional indoor digital signage picture quality. Dealing with ambient light? Other solutions may not be bright enough for your display to get noticed, but NanoLumens is eye-catching even in the most sun-filled rooms. Consistent, rich color and superior off-axis viewing with no distortion make our displays the most effective on the market. Email our team for more information on how NanoLumens can provide your digital display solutions. Contact Us

Enjoy your digital display options

Your display solutions aren’t limited; NanoLumens offers a variety of digital display options to meet your needs and your design, in any size, shape, or curvature you desire.


NanoSlim is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a sleek, flat, fixed LED display for your indoor application.nanolumens nanoslimnanosim download


Think outside the box with a display that’s as interesting as your brand is. NanoCurves go beyond right angles to give you the curved display you’ve been wanting. nanolumens NanocurveNancocurve download


Go bold with a 360 degree display that can wrap columns and wow your visitors. nanolumens nanowrapnanowrap download

Studio Pro

Get the beautiful display your broadcast studio has been looking for without the complication of moire. Nanolumens studio pro   Does the NanoSlim, NanoCurve, or NanoWrap look like the solution for you? Learn more about these display solutions and how we can help. or email or