Total Digital Signage Management

Most organizations after implementing digital signage are faced with a myriad unexpected challenges:

Management Challenge -

already overburdened employees

Content Challenges -

expensive content from agencies

Implementation Challenges -

slow launching of signage and under-used software


At Avicast Limited we can provide our clients with a holistic solution: Consultation, Installation, Content Design and Management.  This, frees our clients from mundane tasks, slashes content creation budgets, frees staff to attend to more important duties, while on our side keeping your digital signage’s exciting and fresh.

Working with us as a full service provider ( software/ hardware support, content creation) provides you with many benefits and allows you to fully concentrate on serving your clients. Some of the benefits are:

Maximizing the Software – we are familiar with the minutiae of our software and its nooks and crannies, and we know how best to utilize it, to produce the best results.
Faster Turnaround time- Since we know our products in and out, we don’t waste time learning it and thus we implement your project much faster, create content better and quicker.
Cost effective – Our clients can get a package deal if we create the content, as opposed to having to pay separately, which is typically more expensive. We’re not just referring clients to a design team, we’re putting it all together in one package.

Digital Signage Consultants

Effective digital signage starts with an understanding of your organization’s identity, communication logistics, audience preferences and basic design principles.  Our team of digital signage consultants will bring our expertise to your project by tailoring a digital signage plan that focuses on your individual needs. We’ll work with you to set up your software and hardware, and to craft your communications programs, both on and off screen – content sources, social media, alert policies, green initiatives and more.

A dedicated project manager will work with your team to manage timelines and resources, and will consistently monitor progress against objectives. They will coordinate Avicast’s teams to ensure each aspect of your project is completed on target so you have a seamless, satisfying experience.

Avicast consultants work with you to:

  1. Establish measurable goals and creative a scope of work for your project
  2. Create and refine design elements to meet your objectives
  3. Determine naming standards and usage guidelines
  4. Coordinate software configuration and custom programming, as needed
  5. Perform remote or onsite installation of creative elements
  6. Schedule implementation and training services
  7. Conduct a walk through to ensure your creative launch is a success

Digital Signage Implementation

launch faster with digital signage implementation services

Whether you have a full IT team or just one person, Avicast works closely with you  to get your digital signage system up and running.

We offer both on-site and remote implementation support based on retainer, whether you’re working independently or with a systems integrator.

Our experts will recommend the best digital signage installation options based on your specific needs, and a dedicated project manager will work with your team to schedule resources and track progress throughout the implementation process.

software installation & validation

Our team will physically connect your digital signage components in a controlled network environment and verify the basic operation of the system:

  1. Basic configuration to ensure the content manager, publishers and players can communicate over your network, configured with the required ports opened
  2. Configuring video output through the VGA, DVI or NTSC output to a predetermined resolution on each player, and verifying video output to a local monitor
  3. Configuring audio output to a local monitor
  4. Connecting a source to Video Window Option (VWO) or Tuner (VWOT) and verifying functionality

Digital Signage  Software Training  Services

Even though our digital signage software is very easy to use, our certified trainers teach you how to get the most out of your system. Whether you’re getting ready for your big launch, updating to a new software version or adding new users, our digital signage training courses walk you through detailed demonstrations of software features with plenty of time for Q&A.

Our training sessions are tailored to various user roles and concerns, covering content creation tools, software configuration and system management. We offer customized on-site sessions or remote web-based training. In every session, we’ll drive through our user-friendly interface and show you real-time examples of feature set up and maintenance.

Service level agreement

Sometimes, a standard support agreement is not enough. Let us customize a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to fit your organization’s needs.

An SLA provides you with highest priority in our technical support queue to escalate calls in a matter of minutes. SLAs are written to your specifications and can include defined response times and contacts, extend normal support hours, provide for on-site upgrades and training, and can be customized to offer additional services, such as remote monitoring. Whatever you need – when and where you need it.

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