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Use digital signage systems to get news across campus quickly and easily



Sharing campus news has never been more critical. Of course, most educational communities have many events that could use more exposure. But campus communications are no longer just about quality of life, they can also be about saving lives.

Digital signage software makes it quick and easy to push urgent updates, even to mobile devices and remote campuses. Students, staff and visitors are generally savvy when it comes to technology, and they’re more responsive when notified visually.

Content management software also makes it possible to share sophisticated multimedia presentations that enhance college life by engaging and informing audiences about the many details of residential life, social and athletic programs, administrative announcements, and promotions from retailers.

Digital signage messaging can be tailored to any educational community’s unique setting. Deliver targeted messages and media to specific campus locations, no matter how geographically dispersed, or broadcast the same display campus-wide. Automatically display greetings, instructions and updated scheduling throughout the day. And if your creative resources are limited, Avicast offers creative backgrounds and templates to create effective, eye-catching displays.

The possibilities for campuses and remote learning locations are endless:

  1. Deliver important announcements as they happen
  2. Post current event schedules and special events
  3. Deliver instant emergency announcements
  4. Announce changes to course schedules
  5. Personalize visitor greetings, welcome notices and guest announcements
  6. Advertise bookstore, café or other campus shop offerings
  7. Broadcast educational programs or remote lectures
  8. Post administrative announcements and registration schedules
  9. Advertise volunteer opportunities and community outreach programs
  10. Share live weather, traffic, stock and sports information

Digital signage is the best medium to deliver content to students compared to posters, flyers and banners.

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