Window Projection

Turn your window into an attractive and dynamic selling display

Windows of opportunity

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You’re probably paying a lot for that retail space. Why not maximize usage on that space with your
own digital outdoor advertising platform.

Digital outdoor is the most exciting medium in outdoor advertising. It empowers you to reach hundreds of passers by, thus raising the possibility for purchases and ultimately you’re bottom-line.

Why pay advertising companies while you can advertise on your own, at a fraction of the cost? We can now turn your retail window into an attractive, engaging and dynamic selling display.
How do we do it?
With a special powerful projector, a 100” Inch screen film and a media player we can turn your store window in to a display showing your marketing messages, promotional messages and entertainment to passers by. The film is applied onto the inside of the glass with a projector set up behind to beam images directly on to the film. The image can then be viewed from either side of the glass attracting the attention of both passers- by and in store customers.
The possibilities with this new medium are endless – limited only by your imagination. Leverage on the power of video, photos, motion graphics, RSS newsfeed or any live data source to create a media-rich, stunning messaging campaigns, that engage and compel viewers to take action..

Benefits Areas of Use

  • Improved brand awareness
  • Improved product & service awareness
  • Customized messages for different target audiences
  • Attracts and holds passerby’s and customers attention
  • Low cost of operation
  • Maximum use of retail space
  • Dynamic content (advertising) scheduling and rotation

Areas of use

Retail stores & shopping centers
Car showrooms & Exhibitions
Hotel lobbies
Restaurants, bars & clubs
Museum and visitor attractions

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